February 18, 2010


Remember that day

I was oil painting with my 2 girls?

As promised, here is what we all created . . .

Chloe's first original oil painting

is of her beloved dog, Rembrandt.

She did it entirely by herself

and I think it is remarkable.


For her first effort,

Chrissy took on every artist's challenge:


Her impressionistic paintings of her husband, Zach, and herself

turned out amazing


As for me,

For a long time, Chrissy has been asking me for a painting.

With her birthday coming up in March,

I decided it was the perfect time to paint something for that bare wall in her kitchen.

I painted three 12" x 12" still lifes of fruit

in vibrant complementary color schemes

with a palette knife.


I haven't worked with a palette knife since college

These paintings are very different from my usual style

and were lots of fun to do.

Since I have already given her the paintings,

it's OK to show you.

Happy Birthday, Miss Chrissy!



Anonymous said...

They all turned out beautiful. Love them. What a bunch a talented girls you are!

Lynnie said...

I see orange and yellow and the reflection of the fruit in each picure. I love to see your artwork. Each of the Freeman women reflected their own 'artist's view'. Every picture is great!

Lynnie said...

Oh, I think I see red too!

Grammie Star Wars said...

Wow, you all have found your talents!!!
My birthday is in October ;.)
Grammie Star Wars aka Sister Petersen ;.)

Steve said...

When I saw the paintings in various places in our home I got excited that they were going to be on OUR walls. But no, they all go on Chrissy and Zach's walls. At least we keep Chloe's painting, yeah!
Beautiful work girls!!!!!

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

I have always loved your artistic talent--each piece is so different from the others, yet each one shows a part of you. Alas, I do not have even a smidge of artistic talent, but maybe that's why I love your work so much--it is such a special gift that you (and the girls...what a fun surprise!) have.

Brittany said...

That really does look like Remmy, great job Chlo. I have already told Chrissy how much I like her paintings. And the palette knife adds such fun textures to the fruit! Beautiful! I put your painting of my bridal portait up on my wall, next to my pencil sketch of Ili. I love how they look together!

Cheryl Joy said...

Very impressed with Chloes' painting! She did a great job. Chrissy did too, but I already told her that :)

I love your fruit paintings.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE using a palatte knife to paint. So fun.

The Chrissy Herself said...

Paintings are up and doing great. I walked out into the from room today for breakfast this morning and it smelled like fresh oil paintings... I am learning to love that smell!

Thank you sooo much! They are the perfect birthday present.

Marci said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bright colors of Chrissy's paintings. So many talented Freeman girls!


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