April 14, 2010

Tomorrow is April 15th

Your income tax return is due.

and it is my last day of work.


What will I do

this lady of leisure I shall become?


Replant my devastated yard.

last year had four months of drought followed by 4 months of freeze

and we lost most of our plants.

ALL of the grass.

5 year old trees, bouganvilla, passion vine, agapanthas.... all gone

I am very sad. I love my yard

and dread the hard work and expense (ugh) it will take to restore it.


Brittany is expecting Wyatt to be born April 26th.

Ili will deploy a week or so after that.

Steve and I are driving up to OK to get Brit and baby

and they will come to live with us for the next 4 months.

It will be very sweet


Zach and Chrissy's lease is up April 30th

and they are in limbo for awhile as Zach pursues the next step in his career.

So they will be moving in with us too.


Party time

. . . . . and you were worried I would have nothing to do after April 15th.

pish posh


Cheryl Joy said...

Woah!! Your house will never be boring, I'm sure! I am so glad Brittany will live with you... what a relief and a blessing that must be for her. :)

Anonymous said...

That is exciting! How great to have your girls (and boys) moving in for a while. You're gonna love it. It's going to be too quiet when they leave.

Marci said...

Being busy with fun family stuff is always a good thing. I can't believe how soon little Wyatt will be here!!! Finally a little cousin for our kiddos :-)!

jackie herself said...

OK, i just got SO EXCITED for your soon-to-be full house! hooray for good family times in the future!!

Brittany said...

Yeah for April 15th as the final work day and yeah for fun for months to come!

Downtown Browns said...

Hi Diane,
I'm not sure you remember me, I am Bob and Helen Lasher's daughter. I came across your blog through Stephanie Cullumbers. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your posts! They were very neat and inspiring! Also, the baby things you made were adorable. Very talented. I just wanted to let you know. It seems that your family is doing really well. That is wonderful!
(Sorry this is a completely random comment:)


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