May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Tige

Over the past 2 weeks, I missed some important posts

so let us begin

with the birthday of my cute husband, Steve

May 10th


I always pay tribute to my loved ones on their birthdays,

but this one, the most important one of all, was the most difficult to do.

do you know why?

because he is so special to me

our relationship is so precious

the words are hard to find

and the words are mostly between he and I.


But these are the words I
will share:

Tige, I love you because:

You were the first guy I ever kissed

You are my best friend of 40 years

I feel safe being 100 percent myself with you

Without a word, you will grab the lotion and rub my feet

You scour the local countryside for firewood because I love fires on cold nights

You cook dinner like a pro (only cuter)

You will be the last guy I ever kiss

You watch chick shows, just to be with me . . . (The Bachelor

You work hard to take care of us

You honor your Priesthood

You are a great father

You always have a happy disposition

You are still curious about life and learning new things:
golf, leather tooling, guitar making...

but mostly because, you are perfect

.....for me.




Happy Birthday Tige

Love, Doo


Brittany said...

Happy birthday dad. Maybe in your curiosity to explore new things you should consider modeling, you seem like a natural in these pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

I love how in love you guys are. How do you pronounce Tige. Is it Tig or Teeg? Where did your nicknames come from? Or did you already do a post on that? Just curious. You're adorable!

Diane said...

Hi Stefanie, thanks for the comment :)

It is Tige, like Tiger. You can read all about it, and probably more than you care to, in my September 16, 2009 post.

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

Happy Birthday Steve! You are such a wonderful brother-in-law. I love these photos of you too--you look great! Love, Jenny

The Chrissy Herself said...

I super love the B&W... so nice.

Happy Birthday Papa Dear! Can't wait for you to whip up somethin' delish with your planks and marinade!

Steve said...

I am sorry, I haven't been looking at blogs lately. (just not in the mood) But, Today I checked out An Artist's View and wow there I am. Thank you for such a sweet post, I am truly in love with you!

And thanks to everyone for the nice comments!


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