August 27, 2010

I was told I could rest,

but admonished to provide some evidence of productivity

within a week.

or else.

ok. ok. so here's something:


Since arriving home, I have indeed, been lazy,
but not in the lay around and watch tv all day sense.


in the ignore the cleaning, shopping, cooking and laundry
while doing what I really wanted to do

I really wanted to decorate for fall,
and read blogs and my Oprah magazine.
I wanted to hem my dress,
and let the dogs come in all day
(even if they are covered with fleas)
and go to work with Chrissy
and watch her teach a college class (proud moment).
and work on upcoming YW lessons I will teach.

So, it isn't like I did nothing all day,
I even mowed the lawn
(because I wanted to)
in fact, the only thing I did,
that I didn't want to do was



but, I highly recommend to everyone:

take some time, every once in awhile,
and do just what you want to do...
and not what needs to be done

it is awesome.

ps. it really helps if you have a Chrissy living with you,
and don't have preschoolers.

So, it brings me to this:

I love to make grand table displays for the holidays.

For fall 2010,
I took some ideas from Pottery barn,
mixed with a couple of my own,
and fiddled around with them for days.
I came up with this.


I am so happy fall is here

it is my favorite time of year


Brittany said...

How fun, I love it! It makes me crave all things fall. What a cute idea with the old pics in the vases.

Cheryl Joy said...

Beautiful! Please come decorate my home for te holllidaysss!

Lynnie said...

It's nice to look upon an "Artist's View" again!
Very pretty ... Thanks for the Fall inspiration.

Marci said...

Love the if it would only start feeling like fall around here :-)!

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

Beautiful! I love the way you displayed the photos...I miss you...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I LOVE love LOVE fall. I can't get enough of it. Love the decorations.

I think I need a Chrissy - so I can have days like that. =o)

Grammie Star Wars said...

Very nice fall decorations.

I have wanted to do fall, but the family says it is still summer!

Of course it is summer we are finally having our 90 plus degrees in September!!!



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