March 8, 2010


My honey and I celebrated our Anniversary

Tige and Doo style.

When we were dating,
(back in the days of peace and love)
our two favorite things to do were

explore country roads in the truck

and go out to eat

Without planning it, exactly,
that's what we did on Friday.

We knew we wanted to go out to breakfast
at our favorite little German bakery/coffee shop in Fredericksburg.
So we headed down the I-10,
(which tempted us to keep going till we got to California
but we were too hungry,
so we turned onto highway 87 instead)
for German pancakes, potatoes, eggs & bacon

After breakfast, which did not disappoint by the way, we wanted to sight see.
It was too cold to stroll so we got in the car and headed down Main street

Steve laughed at me because I kept taking pictures of myself.
Other bloggers do it all the time, and my mom used to do it too
which, in both cases, I always thought was weird
but here I am doing it

. . . . and who cares

This is me wondering why I always look so great in the car mirror
and not as good in a photo of exactly same thing.
It's got to be that warm lighting.

See my dumb expression?
that is what happens when you take pictures of yourself.


We purposely drove past the turnoff for San Antonio
and headed out of town on an adventure
. . . . Main street turned into a highway.

Under gray sky,
we wound around through oak trees and over flowing streams.

we saw deer and sheep and cows
and 4 zebras . . . . honest. . . . they were gathered around a drinking trough


We bought a Pepsi in Stonewall
then headed down Ranch Road 1376

and now, I want to live on RR 1376,

in this house


with this fence out front


these would be my neighbors


There is a song we like, about Luckenbach, Texas
so we had to see it.
It 's nothing more than a tiny tourist stop
and it is sooooo Texas . . . . we loved it
. . . . . and so do Waylon, and Willie, and the boys.

And who writes all over a building?

Everyone who ever visited Luckenbach, apparently.




Steve bought some souvenirs.
The cute cowboy behind the counter
(who had more one liners than Henny Youngman)

said, "you wanted that gift wrapped, right?"
as he slapped our brown bag down on the counter.
Then chuckled like he loves his job more than anything in the world.

I wish for everyone to be as happy in their life

as that cowboy is, working in a gift shop in Luckenbach


As we headed home, we passed through Sisterdale
(where all of the stone in our courtyard came from)

then, through the town of Boerne
(pronounced Bernie. crazy Germans)

(I can say that because I am one)

Then home

It is interesting how the simplest things

. . . . . the same things I liked at 16 . . . . .

are still the best things.

This is, and always will be, my idea of a perfect Anniversary.

. . . . or going to Paris



Brittany said...

What a perfect Tigendoo day! Happy to you guys. I feel the same way about car mirror reflections, they're the best mirror and perfect for tweezing eye brows because of the lighting. Also I feel the same about self-portrait photos, I can't help but make a silly smirk. Your picture is cool though, I like it.

The Chrissy Herself said...

I don't like self taken portaits because I always end up at an angle where my nose looks humongous.

I'm thinking Zacho and I would love Luckenbach. I LOVE all the roosters, they are such beautiful birds. We're gonna have to take a drive out there.

Zach O. said...

a good meal and a drive through the Texas hill country is one of my favorite things to do.

Steve said...

I will take you to Paris!
I hope it will be as wonderful as this anniversary was. I loved it.

I love your self-photo also.

Lynnie said...

I'd be happy to be your neighbor in the cabin house!


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