March 15, 2010

Use it up, wear it out.

Make it do, or do without.

This phrase was popular when I got married.

Sounds like something a pioneer made up.

Anyway, back then, I had a garden; canned vegetables and homemade jam,
sewed our family's clothing, drapes, bedspreads (you name it), knitted, crocheted, and cross stitched

I guess I was out to prove something.

I am pretty sure I can still do all of those things

. . . . . I just don't.


I have, of late, been sewing again

and I love the creative outlet.

Have you heard of refashioning and re-purposing?

Basically, it is about taking clothing you no longer use in their current state
and re-making them into something you will use.

My first attempts were made last Christmas


I have a couple of things I rarely wear:

a pink silk blouse that pulls open at the bust


and an outdated olive green knit top


my blouse solution:

cover the problem area with a ruffled bib

that can be removed when I am tired of it

because the second those ruffles are out of style,

I am going to want my tailored shirt back


I used 2 slightly different shades of pink chiffon

torn into strips (raw edges are in these days)

folded, then stitched them down every couple of inches



a torn strip of taffeta

is sewn around the neckline of this knit top


. . . . and just like that, I have

two updated tops


I really love them!

and it was super fun to do



Lynnie said...

The tops are darling! You are awesome, and sooo creative! How fun it would be to have you near, to go through my closet, and to have your 'savvy' to create new fashions! I would love it so. Then, I'd have you help me with my house! I'm kinda lonely here in Colorado, now that the closest thing I had to a sister has left, (Jennifer). My mom is 92 and has never been here, and I don't have any daughters. ... But I do have cousins!!! I'm glad that I can glean from them! Thanks for your blog...

LaRee said...

Very nice re-fashioning going on there!...You could start a side business...(just saying)

The Chrissy Herself said...

Those look great mom! I really love the pink blouse... Hopefully you'll get more wear out of them now... It's like two totally new tops!!

Brittany said...

Not only do they look super stylish now but how rewarding knowing YOU'RE the reason they do!

Grama Peechee said...

Great work! I'm totally with you for using the sewing machine as a creative outlet. And it doesn't hurt that you have such a great sense of style :)

Cheryl Joy said...

Wooah! Good one!

Kayley said...

I LOVE the pink one! Good job! It looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

That's incredible! You're so creative! Great work. Love them!


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