March 5, 2010

To Steve

The Notebook Script

Excuse me.

Come on, honey,

let's get you ready for bed.

I am no one special,

just a common man

with common thoughts.

I've led a common life.

There are no monuments

dedicated to me.

And my name

will soon be forgotten.

But in one respect,

I've succeeded as gloriously

as anyone who ever lived.

I've loved another

with all my heart and soul

and for me

that has always been enough.


Happy anniversary number thirty three, Tige

I love you, Doo



Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

Happy Anniversary Diane and Steve! What a wonderful life you have! Steve, you are such a wonderful brother-in-law, and have been a great blessing to our family. Diane, you have both created a life and a family to be so proud of. -Jenn

The Chrissy Herself said...

I love that quote from the Notebook!! Happy Anniversary, guys... I love you!

Lynnie said...

Yes, you got the bachelor you wanted, a great one, at that. And Steve feels he got the best bachlorette ever! He did! What do you tink about the other bachelor, Jake? Do you think he got the right bachelorette?

Diane said...

A few episodes back, Jake went on and on about how sexy he thinks Vienna is. I have watched every Bachelor and as soon as they say that, it is over. I knew then, that he would select Vienna. She is immature and silly. Sure she is a lot of fun, but can she handle the emotional, financial and physical stresses of marriage? I see their relationship ending, I just hope it happens before they are married. Tenley was the perfect choice. Jake actually said she was too perfect, so it makes me wonder if he felt unworthy of such a woman. Time will tell.

Steve said...

I am a BLESSED and LUCKY man having you to spend my life with.

Happy anniversary, Doo,

I love you!

Brittany said...

I haven't heard that quote, it's perfect! Happy anniversary. Love you guys.

LaRee said...

For some reason I thought your anniversary was on the 5th...oh well, Happy anniversary!

Diane said...

You're right LaRee, it is on the 5th. I just wanted the post to be up for a couple of days, so I posted it today.

KelleyAnne said...

Happy Anniversary♥

Marci said...

Happy Anniversary!


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