November 2, 2009



Yesterday, Chloe was watching Hannah Montana.

In this episode,

the family surprised their grandmother with a brand new car.

However, Grandma's reaction wasn't what they expected.

She did not like the new car.

Grandma liked her old car.

She explained that her old car had taken her children to ball practice, dance lessons and church, and the stains on the upholstery held sweet memories of family vacations and drive-in movies.

She said her old car was, in fact, a member of the family

"......and we don't get rid of members of the family."

It got me thinking about the cars Steve & I have owned and how many memories are attached to them. I guess I feel the same way Grandma does, because we keep our family cars until they die. In 32 years, we have owned just three.

When we were engaged, Steve owned a brown Ford Pinto.

It died

Right in the middle of the intersection of Gettysburg and Fresno Street.

It made the loudest noise I ever heard;

Steve said a bad word.


Into marriage, I brought a couch, 2 chairs, and a yellow VW bug.

With his Pinto gone, Steve brought a guitar and amp

1977 - Leaving the Oakland Temple for our honeymoon

We both needed a car for work, so Steve bought this sweet ride:

1964 Ford Falcon Wagon

We got offers on it every time we drove it.

I'm not kidding. Did you see the rims?

1977 - We called it "La Bamba"

When Michael was six months old, we bought our first family car, an

Oldsmobile station wagon.

Eventually, we filled it with babies.

A diesel, that lasted 10 years, it was great for trips!

1978 - Look closely, Steve is putting shoes on a cute little pair of feet

Steve loved his Chevy Pick-up and we loved camping!

1987 - Off to Lewiston Lake with my parents (their car on the right)

My dream car was a VOLVO 240GL and we got one in 1987.

WE LOVED THAT CAR! and drove it for 16 years.

It was sad the day she died.

The sunroof came in handy on "Show & Tell" day.

When Mike and Brit were old enough to drive, we got a
1971 Karmann Ghia.
It was a fun family project reupholstering and painting it.

Very cute.

Not very safe.



These are the vehicles that currently serve us well:


This was my Grandpa Gibbs' FORD Pick-up


Grandpa bought it brand new in 1964

It was passed down to my father, and now, to me.

We get offers on it every time we take it out.

It is, in fact, a member of the family

"......... and we don't get rid of members of the family."


The Chrissy Herself said...

Funny, Brit and I were just talking about how you guys won't get rid of the Ford. She asked why, and I said because it's a family heirloom. But you're right, it's more like a family member :-)

And 2EME995. I will remember that licence plate for the rest of my life.

Cheryl Joy said...

I loved this post!
I also love how you have always chronicled things through photos. I try to do the same.

Zach O. said...

funny how cars can become a part of the family. our family have had a few that made us feel a bit melancholy when we had to part ways.

Brittany said...

La Bamba was a sweet ride! Too bad it wasn't around when I was driving. And I agree with Chrissy I will remember that Volvo license plate for life.

I love the excitement in the Chevy truck picture when we're heading out to camp, was that when we went up to Weaverville?

Brittany said...

Oh and awwww the Ghia, I felt a little sentimental looking at those pictures of us girls around it :)

melissa said...

My favorite memory of the Chevy pick-up was when Steve got pulled over for supposed drunk driving on one of the trips down to Tijuana. And did the speedometer also not work? I'm sure the cop had a good laugh when he learned it was a bunch of Mormons on a church service trip. Good times... :)


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