July 28, 2010


One year and

over 22,000 hits

on my blog

I know there are blogs that get that many hits in a week.

But I am coming from a place where I didn't even want to start a blog

for fear no one would read it

and then I would feel, well . . . . sort of sad.

So thank you for reading

and super thanks for commenting;

It makes me happy.

and thanks for your blogs too,

I know and appreciate the effort you put into them.

Your blogs enrich my life;

and that alone, makes blogs worthwhile.


I met my goal to blog for one year,

3 times a week (most weeks).

It feels good.

I have no plans to stop blogging,

but my self inflicted pressure is off.

I am going to have the past year's blog printed and bound;

after that,

we'll just see what happens


The Chrissy Herself said...

I love that picture!

Lynnie said...

Cute pic... Cute Cousin!
Diane I hope you continue your blog! I would greatly miss it if it were no longer in my life. I look forward to it. It's a place I go to get away from my daily pressures, where I can find rest, peace, beauty, and joy. I have loved the many beautiful pictures of nature, family, art work, and home. They are inspiring! It's a show case for your talent, and for your creative and cleaver nature.
Jen and I were talking about it when she visited me in July. We love your blog! If you only blogged once in awhile, send out an email to notify us of a posting. ... I'm still planning to check it each day I'm at a computer. Love you, Cousin Lynne

Grammie Star Wars said...

So Cute!!!

I just laughed ;.)

That is the best sign all week from the ones I've seen on the street.

You look for real, no pre-folded sign. Like where can I make sign up to make comments ;.)

Keep blogging, your pictures and stories a enjoyable and you just keep pulling us in.

GSW ;.)

Brittany said...

How to be P.C. about this...

I love the way you dressed and groomed yourself for that picture and no socks to boot!

I also love your blog and will miss your frequent 6 am posts :-)

LaRee said...

Thats too funny!...love the pic!

alex said...

love it! I should post your picture on my blog. It seems that the ones who always nag me to post are the non-commenting type.

So glad you are continuing on! Your blog is definitely one of my most favorite.

michele cabiness said...

Oops! that was from me.

Lynnie said...

Also Diane, I like the words you write; the way you express yourself. They too are inspiring.

Steve said...

I love this picture. So cute, funny and cleaver. You are looking down the street like a blog-stalker will come by an second. Funny! This the best picture I've seen in a long time. I'm going to make it my screen saver. (that means you out-cuted our grand babies)

Your blog has been inspiring, unifying and endearing to our family. If you stop I will miss it a lot. But you met your goal and have earned a rest. You are such a skilled blogger, please keep it going.

I think you are amazing!

KelleyAnne said...

You crack me up!


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