September 11, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread


So, I was given this bag of yeasty goo by a friend,

along with instructions to "mush the bag" (and other stuff) for ten days,

My first reaction was , "Ugh, I don't like these things"

I know what you are thinking: What proper Relief Society, stay-at-home mom/grandmother doesn't like a friendly pass around bread starter?


Kim is a dear friend and it was so sweet of her to share it with me, I was truly uplifted........after all, the bag specifically instructs you to pass it to a friend, and given my attitude, I am blessed to even have one.

It's just the attending responsibility that makes me sigh whenever I get one of these things. I feel the same way when I get a chain email from a friend that contains some lovely sentiment and asks me to forward it to 5 friends and "brighten their day". What If I am the one who breaks the chain?! And this one is compounded by being a living, growing yeast chain.

. . . . and what if Kim asks, did you like the bread? I can't say I didn't make it ( I hate to disappoint) and I can't lie and say I did make it (if I didn't), so I had no choice, but to participate.


So I had been mushing and burping this gurgling bag for 7 days, when we decided to go to Houston. Now what do I do? I have invested 7 whole days in this thing... so of course, I pack it along, in its own little bag, with instructions, like I am babysitting a child. And of course, the coup de grace, day 10, lands smack on the day we have to drive home. So do I make the bread in Houston, or bring it home and make it tomorrow . . . . when I feel more like doing it?

Are you starting to see why I don't like these things?

Well, I did exactly as instructed.

Passed it to 3 friends,

Thereby, contributing to the culinary pleasure of untold quantities of
future Amish Friendship Bread eaters

. . . . and THIS is what I got


and by the way, Kim . . . . . .

It was delicious.

in case you were planning to ask.

...........and thanks for sharing it with me :)


Now, back to work.

p.s. The crunchy top crust, is to die for.


KelleyAnne said...

I'm glad you came to Houston with your yeasty goop...I think. Seeing the end result is definitely an incentive...and I LOVE that we are family by way of Marci and Mike and friends by choice. Thanks Diane♥

Cheryl Joy said...

I think that sounds like fun! I like having to tend to things. :)

The Chrissy Herself said...

How cute! A round one!

Brittany said...

Ok so the Amish bread we ate and could hardly finish lacked a crunchy top crust and was pliable and card board tasting (I imagine card board is as flavorless at least). I don't think the maker of the bread followed the instructions specifically like you did. And we were even handed a baggy about a month ago by another woman and I just tossed it thinking no way I'd want to make that card board, now I wish I kept it!

Marci said...

I'm suddenly feeling more excited to keep tending my bag as looks YUMMY!

lolomae said...

The Amish bread does look YUMMY! It also goes well on Steves Greatgrand mother Miles' plain cake stand.

Diane said...

Miss KelleyAnne what a lovely thing to say; I feel most blessed to have you for a friend/relative. I hope you and Marci enjoy the yummy bread :)

Miss Lolomae, I LOVE that cake stand and it was the perfect sentimental place to put my friendhsip bread :)

Zach O. said...

it's just a true delight....moist on the inside and a crunchy,cinnamony,sugary crust....supa-baloosh.

LaRee said...

Yum!...It looks worth the wait!


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