September 4, 2009

Tioga Jr. High

8th Grade

I loved P.E., but was traumatized the first day of 7th Grade

First, we had to work out in ridiculous blue oompa loompa jumpsuits.

Then came the real shocker! Group Showers ! Sheer Panic !

I mean really, aren't 7th graders self conscious enough
without being required to shower with 3o classmates ?

We got weighed and measured too;
My best friend and I were the same size: 5' 2" and 105 lbs.
Not for long. I grew two inches a year for the next three years.

I loved having class electives to explore new interests.
I took, what I consider to be, one of the most important classes in Jr. High,
homemaking, where I learned to cook and sew.
I sewed dresses for the other most important part of Jr Hi, the dances.
I still use my 7th grade pie crust recipe!

I sewed this suit when I was 18,
It was pale pink knit, with matching pants.
I loved sewing and made most of my clothes until I was 30

By now, I had a major crush on Jim Turner. He liked me too,
or so I thought, until he asked my friend, Shari Reyburn, to go steady.
What the.....

9th Grade

I loved Mutual!
I had wonderful leaders and role models;
Who were extremely talented women.
It is fun to still see them when we visit Fresno:
Sister Cleveland, Sister Bowen and Sister Hancock are truly great ladies.

Under their direction, we performed elaborate Road Shows and
Dance Festivals; they were loads of fun!

I painted the sets for this one.... wish I had better pictures of it.

Me on the left and Linda (Davis) Freeman on the right......
little did we know, we would one day be sisters-in-law

Sports were important too!

I was on the tennis, track and basketball teams.

I even won a medal in High Jump at the Jr. West Coast Relays.

Jr High was my first opportunity to take classes in
and I fell in love with it..........

Dad had a cute little VW bug in the driveway;

I couldn't wait to get my drivers license


................ and go to High School!


The Chrissy Herself said...

That's so funny, I have never really thought that while you and Linda knew eachother all that time, you didn't know you would soon be a huge part of each other's lives. That's weird to think about!

I love your top in the last picture! Did you sew that one too?

Diane said...

Yes Chrissy. I didn't have enough fabric to go with the original plan, so I had to get creative and piece it together. Necessity is the mother of invention...and I ended up with a cuter top because of it. It was off white with hunter green stripes.

michele cabiness said...

You and Brittany look so much alike in the 9th grade picture. I need to be more daring and try to sew for myself instead of just for my girls. In reality I need more clothes than they do!

KelleyAnne said...

I think we would've got along great in Jr.High!
I did many of the same things, except didn't become an amazing artist after art class. The shower really made me laugh. How ever did we survive.
This is so fun to learn all these little tidbits.
Are you here,getting baby sugar...I'm sure Mike is loving your help, although he is quite a good Mr. Mom♥

Brittany said...

I know you've told me about your 7th grade shower experience but it still is so surprising, like you were inmates! I would have died! That picture of you and Linda singing looks a lot like me and Sara. I also love that top you have on by your Bug.


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