September 2, 2009

Early Years

Diane Gibbs - Born May 4, 1954 - Chico, CA

I had a great childhood.

I am one of the lucky ones.

Oh sure, I hated my skinny legs and big feet, self-consciousness and endless acne. But everyone had that kind of stuff. I was lucky enough to have security: two parents who loved me, and I knew it, sisters and cousins who were my best pals, and the Gospel.

Armed with those things,

the other stuff was manageable.

1958 - My dear cousin, Lynne & me - Chico, CA

Mom taught us "the pose"

Diane(14) & Lynne(17)
Going to a dance in Huntington Beach

Diane, Jenny, Lynne - 2007

From Chico, we moved to Weaverville,
Where dad taught High School for 2 years before we settled in Fresno.

Kindergarten - Weaverville, CA

I love all the nursery rhymes on my diploma

First Grade
Holland Elementary, Fresno, CA

I ditched school one day in third grade. I don't know why; I was always a good student. But I also wanted to be cool and popular; so when a friend convinced me it was the thing to do, I did it. We hid up in a tree in Carey Park, right next to the school.
I remember hearing the recess and lunch bells ring as the hours went by and thinking we could slip back into class, unnoticed, and end the boring, uncomfortable tree sojourn. But we stuck it out.

Mom was cool. She didn't even get mad.

Not sure Dad even heard about it.

I never did it again.

Fourth Grade

I loved sleepovers in my tree house on warm summer nights. We would walk over to the liquor store and get sunflower seeds and a can of Wink, then, talk and spit shells over the side of the tree house all night long.

We built tumbleweed forts and played house,
in the field behind our fence.


Some of my best times were spent visiting Aunt Gloria and Uncle Ted in Huntington Beach. One summer, Gloria gave me a grass skirt from Hawaii and Lynne taught me to hula.

Cousin LeeAnn and I were Beatle crazy; I loved Paul and she loved George. Good times were spent with my cousin, Angela too. Other things I loved were visits to Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs in Alpaugh, and camping at Huntington Lake. Great Times!

My dear sister, Marsha, was my main pal. She was born when I was four years old; I still remember uncovering mom's pregnant tummy and kissing Marsha good-night. One day I was pulling Marsha in our red wagon when, Cheryl, a neighborhood bully took Marsha's toy. I threw a block at Cheryl and made her nose bleed. Don't mess with Marsha.

Circa 1964 - My favorite picture of me and Marsha

I was nine when Jennifer was born; Susan came a year later. I dearly loved "the babies". I put them to bed every night. Jenny would drop right off but Susan was a different story:

Read bedtime story,
Pretend I am asleep,
Sloooowly slip off her bed,
Tip toe out,
Three steps into hallway: "Diane, where are you".
Repeat 5 times.
Every night.

1963 - Marsha, Jennifer, Diane

Jennifer and Susan

Sixth Grade

I had a crush on Doug Huber and Rodney Johnson too, but creepy Jack Riley liked me. I was on the bleachers at a game and he put his arm around me. Help! I was wearing my new tan coat and his hand touched the furry collar. Eeeeoooo; I felt sick to my stomach. I took the coat off and wouldn't wear it again until mom washed Jack Riley off of it.

At the end of the school year, there was an afternoon
Sock-Hop for 6th Graders. Rodney asked me to dance.
It was my first dance and it was fun!!

I was ready for Jr. High...........


The Chrissy Herself said...

I have never seen half of these pictures! That diploma is priceless... Bachelor of Rhymes :) And I love all the little stories. Especially waiting it out in the tree just because you could.

How fun... I want a copy of the book you have made when you're all done journaling. :)

Gma Lynne and Gpa Steve said...

Diane, your pictures are precious ... Such a pretty beautiful little girl, just like a model. You can also see your sweetness and happiness in your face. We use to run to each other and just hug for the longest time before beginning our activities. So glad we had those times. My, how we've grown!
I like your Bachelor of Rhymes degree too. How clever.
I remember the dance that we went to. Weren't we both wall flowers that night until you were asked to dance one dance? And I thought we looked GOOD! Doesn't Jenny look beautiful in her Mrs. Colorado dress? I sure miss her. I'm so glad she lived in Denver for awhile and provided us with that experience.
(Please note, I know that am not your grma sighing out. It's the sign out we have for our grandchildren. I don't know how to change it).
One last thought I want to emphasize, and I'm sure everyone would agree ... You as a child and as an adult are one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Women in the world! Just look at you! Love, Cousin Lynne

Diane said...

Lynne, I love your comments, it makes me miss you. I am still a lucky girl to have a cousin like you, and your generous compliment makes my point, exactly!

I did get asked to dance, while I was sitting next to you; and I still remember my panic when I stood up and I was TALLER than the guy! I tried to pull off my shoes on the way out to the dance floor but the buckles were too hard to get off quickly so I just had to dance TALL.

Gma Lynne and Gpa Steve said...

I have to add more comments! I remember you standing up, and shock, you were taller! I think your dancing partner was shocked too. Now , I can add to the Beatle frenzy. I was crazy about Paul too. I stayed with you in Fresno the Summer of "A Hard Day's Night" Beatle movie. It was playing at the drive-in across the street in the park. We would go to the park, sit on the grass, and watch it. One night, Peter Hart, (the boy that lived in the house directly across the street from you), went with us. I received my first kiss from him that night in that park! I was lying on my back, eyes closed, puckering up more and more, getting ready for the kiss, as he was counting 10, 9, 8, 7 ,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, KISS! Was I thrilled? I don't know, but I do remember feeling embarrassed later of how redicilous I must have looked in my ready position. On another night, I went on a "date" with him to a stock car race. When he took me to your front door at the end of the evening, he said that he'd kiss me good night, but couldn't because he felt like throwing up.
During that summer, we had fun playing, but I took care of Jennifer alot. Sometimes I'd feed her in her high chair, and other times let her feed herself. Then I got to clean up the kitchen floor. Susan was born that summer.
F.Y.I. Growing up, Marsha, (cute and adorable Marsha), was a wild child! When your family would come and visit us in Huntington Beach, we kept hoping your mom would disipline and control her. It rarely happened.
You are beautiful INSIDE and out, ( to add to my previos comment).
Love, cousin,Lynne

Diane said...

I remember that Pete Hart story; he was a nice guy and a class act. He was so excited that my "hot" cousin was in town and wanted me to set you two up.

That is so funny about Marsha, I had no idea.

Brittany said...

What fun memories and pictures! I can see young me in you in the hula skirt and Chloe in the 6th grade picture. I love how you wouldn't wear your jacket after Jack Riley infected it until Grandma washed it.

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

Jack riley? He's our Bishop...! He's from Fresno, right? Oh my goodness!...oh...I guess I'm kidding. I really don't know Jack Riley...but I hope he doesn't get wind of the "Jack Riley Cooties On The Coat" story!...(-;

I have my own "Jack Riley"...his name was Phil, and I was in the 7th grade...he was in the 8th. He wanted me to be his girlfriend and told me that one day when we were riding bikes. It freaked me out and I rode home. From then on, whenever we were in choir class together at school (he sat right behind me) and the choir would sing "I Honestly Love You" (from Olivia Newton-John) he would sing right in my ear, and it freaked me out even more!! It still does just remembering it...! (I need some chocolate now, to calm down, you know...)

Diane said...

Jenny, I loved your comment, I am laughing out loud just picturing Phil leaning forward to sing in your ear.

I did think twice before writing about Jack, but oh well. If you're out there, Jack...sorry :)

Send some of that candy my way....2 lbs of custom mix can heal ANYTHING!

LaRee said...

Love "the pose" pic, that is so Naomi!...I didn't know you went to Holland Elem...Don and I went there after we moved to Fresno.

Anonymous said...

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