January 27, 2010


This is pretty close to my idea of Heaven:

oil painting on a Saturday
with 2 of my girls
70 degree breeze flowing in the window
in January


painting is a gift in my life
with the power to literally transport me
to a peaceful place, where time has no significance

I imagine the real heaven is a lot like that.


I spend so much of my time in rote, repetitive, things,
like filling the dishwasher, changing beds, vacuuming, and feeding the dogs

. . . which I don't really mind. . .
those activities bring order and security to my life
. . . . . and I can't sell short the necessity of order and security.

But, beyond that,
there are some activities that serve to lighten my burdens and uplift my soul,
turning my here and now into the only place I ever want to be

. . . . a couple of those things are:


my family, gathered in conversation and laughter


oil painting.


having both at the same time, was just

well . . . . . it was just



life's not easy.

life. is. not. easy.

but being able to find respite, take cover, hole up, and insulate myself occasionally,
with a couple of surefire remedies,
replenishes my energy and attitude,
to be up for the challenge
when life calls me out.

Isn't one of the tricks to successful living, liking your life?
. . . . not just enduring it,
but actually liking . . . even, loving it?

I am far from loving it all the time,
but I can say:
I like it.
I am extremely blessed

and sometimes

I really love it.

. . . . . and if I can pass on the pleasures of oil painting to my children,
I will have shared one of the best gifts I was ever given.

I was bitten by the painting bug a long time ago and I am an extremely contagious carrier
today, I watched as both of my girls became seriously infected

. . . . . and can I just say this . . . .

those girls exhibit amazing ability

(I'll show you, when we are done)



Cheryl Joy said...

I saw the turpentine...

Try Windsor and Newton's Water Mixable Oils. You can find them on Jerrysartarama.com. They are oil paints, same consistency, same slow drying time, but you can clean up with water.

It's amazing.

The Chrissy Herself said...

Thanks for teaching me and helping me, Momma. I really do love it.

Marci said...

It's so important that we each find that outlet in our lives! And Chloe definitely has your artistic talent...I have always been amazed by the things she could draw even when she was teeny!

Lynnie said...

This possible is my favorite post of yours, in terms of the thoughts that you have expressed. "... gift in my life with the power to transport me to a peaceful place, where time has no significance ... that serves to lighten my burdens and uplift my soul ..." Love it. I love to experience this. I wish I would more often! I wish I could be there painting with you under your tuteladge.

Steve said...

I am so very happy that you are painting more often here in Texas! I love that all 3 of our girls have your talent for art. And have you as their teacher. I hope some day every inch of wall space in our home is covered with your paintings.

Brittany said...

I loved this post also. Beautifully written and how awesome that both Chrissy and Chlo are into it, maybe I'll have to join you three this summer (while I relearn how to sew and at the same time feed, change and entertain a newborn)! So what are you and Chloe working on?

Kayley said...

I want to come to your painting party!


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