October 19, 2009

The Quickest Way To A Man's Heart . . .


While attending BYU, I perfected my lasagna dinner

. . . . it made me a very popular girl.

The full dinner consists of lasagna, basil garlic toast, green salad,


topped off with the perfect palate freshener . . . glazed lemon cake


Steve had an apartment full of fun roommates

who would take up a collection

whenever they wanted the aforementioned culinary delight.

Then, I would come over and cook my little heart out.

It was a coed's dream come true . . .

Four cute guys, one girl :)

Needless to say,

it worked.


32 years later, with only one child at home,

I have to look for excuses to make my special dinner

It feeds an army, so I invited one over on Sunday...

Chrissy and Zach.


We stuffed ourselves and there is plenty left to do it again tomorrow

which is good, because it actually tastes better on day two.

But the best part is, I don't have to cook tomorrow!

Yummy yum


The Chrissy Herself said...

Yummy yum is right! Zacho got the leftovers packed up this morning in his lunch and he's gonna be a happy man come noon-time :-)

Steve said...
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Steve said...

My roommates and I did love Diane's lasagna! But what we really liked was just having her in our apartment, joking around and watching her cook. She could have cooked and old shoe and we would have loved it. Don't get me wrong her lasagna is the best I have ever eaten. In fact I do not eat any other lasagna, ever.
When Diane was cooking this dinner on Sat. night I took some heat for not helping her. I was busy............watching her cook.
(I still don't know which I like best, her lasagna or watching her cook it. I'll try to decide next time she makes it.)

Zach O. said...

indeed it was delicious. and i am very much looking forward to lunch time. :)

Brittany said...

I have seen you make lasagna many a time and have even helped, but I have never tried it completely on my own. That needs to change meaning I need your recipe, I do love it and the whole dinner/dessert combo that goes with. This post made me hungry for it and it's only 10 am

Lynnie said...

What's the recipe? Will you share with your cousin? I'd like to give my husband an opportunity to ooooouuuuu & aaaaahhhhh! I love your presentation as well. Whenever you post, I look at everything to get glimpses of your beautiful home, to see the prettiness and to glean ideas for my own home. Thanks Diane for your blog and for your talent(s)!

Diane said...

Tige...very sweet post. I love you!

But I would have had to be cookin' in an Angels uniform for you to be watching me :)

michele cabiness said...

There is an army here in fresno who wouldn't mind some lasagna next time you are looking for an excuse to make it!

or I suppose just sharing your recipe would work too :)

melissa said...

Mmm, sounds delicious... If you're willing to share the top secret recipes, my little family (and my tummy) would be forever grateful! I'm not a cake fan, but I do love me a delicious lemon cake. The whole meal sounds so good!

Kayley said...

food is the quickest way to my heart too, just so you know :)

KelleyAnne said...

Ya. Me too. I would have loved to have been included in your little army. Everything looks soooo yummy! Lucky Chrissy and Zach!


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