December 1, 2009

Got home from California

this morning at 2:30am


in my tired state, I am making today a decompression day.

no work (I should be in pre-tax season training today)
no unpacking . . . . . no laundry

it can all wait.

There are a lot of feelings that came with the passing of dad Freeman:
facing my parents' mortality, facing my own . . . . and Steve's,

weighing what really matters against what doesn't,
evaluating how my life has been spent so far and how to maximize the rest of it,
loving everyone in my family more than ever,
feeling more gratitude for small things.

today I am introspective, quiet, happy.

today I am doing only my favorite things:

in my robe, sitting in front of the fire
sipping Steve's cocoa and looking out the window at the rain falling
on the woods that are preparing for winter

Steve is cooking french bread (more on that in a future post) and Scarface (perfect copy of DiCCo's yummy dish)

Chrissy and Zach are over for a visit. It's a good day.

I have much to share in the next posts, but until I sort it out, I'll start with this:

I know I have posted a lot of fall photos,. . . . this is the last of it.

California had such beautiful color...
here are some photos of my parents yard . . . . I see so much of them in their yard.

dad's grape arbor

this little couple has made a home in dad's grape arbor

Steve made this birdhouse for mom




Brittany said...

This is my 2nd attempt to comment: I love your fall pictures and don't get sick of them. It sounds like your time in California was full of love, joy and contemplation. I'm glad you got to stay for so long.

Marci said...

I've missed your posts and comments!

Zach O. said...

i love days like today. to me cold, dark, rainy....that's beautiful weather. of the little of California that i saw, the trees seem to stand out to me. and that dinner was supa-baloosh. welcome back to the blogosphere.

The Chrissy Herself said...

Dinner was yummy indeed... glad you guys made it him safe and sound :-) Try not to let any dirty, Isreali men break in.

Anonymous said...

I think days like that are good for you. I think we get caught up in our day to day stuff and forget the reason why we are here. So much has gone on around here in the last month or so and we've had 3 deaths of friends of our family and recently have Bill Bain in the hospital with a heart attack (as of monday). It's made me really think about life and how short it is. My mom and I were talking the other day and she said, "We're really only here for minutes huh?" and I said, "I think we're in heaven for breakfast, we come down here, and then we're back up there for lunch." It isn't long and it's so important to take days where you enjoy each moment and the family that we have here. Mortality is short. The gospel is such a blessing - to have the knowledge that we do of who we are and where we've come from.

Love your blog. Love your fall leave pictures. Fall is my favorite. I'm having a hard time "undecorating" from it and getting christmas stuff out.


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