August 5, 2009


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I met my husband when I was 15.

He was my FIRST DATE.

He was my FIRST KISS.

I know how rare that is and I treasure it. He has been my best friend ever since.

It was the 1970's and Church dances still had live bands. It was the most important event in a young girl's life. I would usually sew something new to wear and add some extra hi-lights to my hair. The anticipation vibrated all week.

A group of brothers, who had moved to Fresno the previous year, comprised the band: Last Friday's Fire (it was very important to have a cool name for your band). I particularly liked the tall one, Steve. I was sure he had outgrown his entire family because I am tall and he was intended to be my husband.

Steve and I soon became an item and I would sit backstage, with my sister and best pal, Marsha, and we would have that "we're with the band" look on our faces because we were cool. The very coolest of all was when the band would play a song that didn't require Steve to play and he would jump off the stage and join me on the dance floor for one song and then he would jump back up on stage. It was a girl's dream. Once in awhile the Church would hire Crimson Ivory to play and then I would get to dance with Steve all night. Those were GREAT TIMES

Vintage photo of Marsha and I backstage

Last Friday's Fire drew quite a following in those years, and their legacy lives on. One of their biggest fans is now the Stake President and he is using his righteous clout to bring back the 70's.

Now called THE FREEMAN BROTHERS BAND, they reunited last September for a quad-stake dance in Fresno, CA. It was a blast! We danced all evening, took photos in 70's clothing, and yes, Steve even jumped off the stage to dance with me. A girl's dream.



President Cleveland has declared a
Freeman Brothers Dance to be held every year!

So we are returning to California for an August 15th gig (that is cool band talk, that I happen to know because I am with the band).
We leave Friday!

It is wonderful to get the brothers together to share their love of music.

THE 3 FREEMAN BROTHERS are wearing black shirts; the center one is MINE (he's proof that guys in the band are hot).

The rest of the guys are excellent musicians who just aren't as famous.

The occasional gig is also nice to justify having an entire room in our home dedicated as Steve's MUSIC STUDIO

Thanks, Tom and Lois, for letting your boys buy guitars and have long hair and make racket in your has mushroomed into loads of wholesome fun for many, many people.

Steve, with the Fender Telecaster he built himself.


The Chrissy Herself said...

I love all those pictures! And yes, thank you grandma and grandpa for supporting and allowing them all to do this... it has made for sooo many great memories of my dad and uncles, and now brother and cousins, that I will cherish forever.

Marci said...

I've always loved that first picture of you two and had never seen the one of you fun :-)!

lolomae said...

This blog brings back fond memories. I used to like listing to them practice. Each brothers band would get a little louder. Don's was the worst. Once when they wouldn't turn it down, I went out back and shut off the breaker to the garage. The other boys packed up fast and left, they thought I was really mad. After that when I asked them to turn the volume down a little, the did. Can't wait to see y'all.

Cheryl Joy said...

That is an adorable story. Great post! :)

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

Oh I just love this post! Thanks for the wonderful photos, and the great memories. My favorite photo of you and Steve has always been that first one of you at the the top of this post. You both look absolutely blissful, and it makes it even more special knowing what a wonderful life you've made together.

I so wish I could go to that 70's dance in Fresno next week. That sounds SO fun! I hope Pres. C. keeps this up each year, and I'll make sure to be there for 2010. I hope you take LOTS of photos and fill me in on all of our dear old friends from Fresno. Love, Jenn

P.S. I have a real suede fringed vest that I found at a garage sale years ago and am dying to have an excuse to wear somewhere...perfect for next years' dance.

Brittany said...

Aside from your clothing and hair styles, that picture of you and Bo could be taken today, stages and chairs at church look exactly the same everywhere. That's a fun picture, actually all of them are on this post.

Steve said...

A dude plays guitar in a band for one thing and one thine only. For CHICKS. I found mine very early in the process. She is beautiful in every way. Always has been, always will be. And it is VERY COOL to leave the stage to dance with the hottest girl in the room.
I had a keyboard player named Dean, he met Diane at a couple of practices. When we played a church dance where Diane wore her hair a little different, Dean thought she was a different girl. When I came back up on stage he said "that chick is hot but ya'll shouldn't be cheatin' on Diane". I could not convince him it was the same girl.
Also everything I wear and the music I play I bounce it off Diane to make sure it's cool enough. So far she has been right 100% of the time. I can't do it without you.
Thanks sweetheart!

LaRee said...

See you guys at the "GIG"...Oh and today there was a new addition to the family...Jordan and Stephanie had a baby girl. 8 lbs 4 name yet, Sara said Steph and baby are doing fine.

Diane said...

Oh, that is so exciting! another cute little Freeman has arrived!

chloe said...

yea that black bass guitar, i called dibbs on it like two years ago:)


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