August 25, 2009


First day of 7th Grade

After a long summer, mothers are anxious to have their children back in school. This is when we can finally join a gym, organize photos, lunch with the girls, read, or nap. Anticipation grows for life without bored children to occupy; and no one running on the carpet with kool-aid. At long last, we can play OUR music and watch OUR television shows. As the first day approaches, moms get giddy, barely containing their excitement, like horses snorting in the starting gates, ready to gallop toward freedom.

Freedom that brings peace

and quiet

.................and tears.

I hate the first day of school. It always makes me cry.
Oh, I get over it by day two or three, but

day one is always hard.

Our babies are little for such a short time.

The first day of school forces me face to face with a fact I can usually ignore;
The plan is working,
They are growing up and preparing to stand on their own.
It is all I want for them,
But on the first day of school.........I hate it.

Years ago, Steve and I devised an antidote:

Going out to Breakfast on the First Day of School.


It really works.

and if I am still too sad to go home to the empty house
.......... then we go shopping.


Zach O. said...

i love cracker barrel...definitely a great choice for a lil pick me up. my dad always loved back to school time because he enjoyed us having more responsibilities. i'll bet my mom felt like that with charlie having his "last" first day of school until college.

michele cabiness said...

Last week was my turn to shed tears, but you and Marci are making me sad all over again! I'm pretty sure I need to adopt your tradition.

Wesley, Stefanie and Mallory said...

I haven't been on your blog in a long time. I had WAY too much to catch up on. It looks like you guys have been having a great time. What a wonderful trip to Cali. Glad you had fun. I love all the pictures!

I LOVE the old pictures of you and Steve from back in the day. I had no idea you guys had been together so long. Wesley was my first kiss too! It's wonderful huh? I love hearing about how much you guys are still in love. It's terrific. Love your blog!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Glad to know you miss us when we're gone... if only for a day :)

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